Thursday, 28 January 2010

Clean Streets

I was pleased to receive an independent report from Keep Wales Tidy this week, in this report it found that Conwy had the cleanest streets in Wales. My thanks go to all our staff.

I believe there is more that we can do and I am determined to improve on this excellent result. Working together and using technology is one way forward. Tourism is our bread and butter in Conwy and news like this will be a welcome boost.


  1. Not in Conwy walled town are found the cleanest streets.Why are the pavemwnts and streets nevery swept,and,. I mean swept.What is the point of having manpower wandering around Conwy with a pain of tweezers and no sack to put anythying into.Why are not some of the litter bins not emptied half way through the morning and why is it such a variable time during the day when the trade waste is collected and why do some shops put their rubbi ?sh outside the Nation Trust premises on High Street rathe than outside their own premises

  2. Thank you for your comment, I am in Conwy often and feel the Council do a good job, whenever I see a problem I report it to the environment department 01492 575337. I will gladly report on your behalf any fly tipping to our enforcement team at regulatory services.

  3. What ever next?07 February, 2010

    How was Swansea, Mike?
    It would be good to hear some of your thoughts on LD pledges. Maybe a post a week on the lead up to the election?

  4. Thanks What ever next,

    Swansea was very good and some great pledges,I am sure I will update soon.

  5. In response to the first post.
    It is up to all of us to ensure the street are kept clean and litter free. The council are doing their share, now let us show we care.

    I was sitting in my car at Llandudno Junction railway station at 8pm last Thursday night when a middle aged man came out of the station and just threw a ticket or package into the air and walked away. He was wearing a red waterproof jacket and had a `laptop` bag over his right shoulder.
    Being a woman on my own I wouldn`t dare say anything to him at night while it was quiet there.