Monday, 28 February 2011

Charity Skydive

Doing some Computer Housework and came across these two pics of a charity Skydive I completed in aid of ClicSargent. What a great experience this was and one I would recommend to anyone who is looking for fundraising ideas. The plane landed before we did!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


Today I celebrate being on this planet for 45 years. This morning I was greeted by my wife and 2 girls, given a couple of Birthday presents and a mug of Tea.

The best gift for me was being part of that moment.

Nothing more to add.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Colwyn Bay Sea Defence

Should be an announcement early this week regarding this project, it may well be in the Daily Post on Monday.

Marl in Spring

Just come home from a very windswept walk around Marl Woods with my wife and "Jelly" the dog, it really is a walk to be recommended. The wild garlic is sprouting, wild Snowdrops and another week or so the Daffodils will be in bloom. The "Catkins" are also out and the lambs jumping around and chasing each other and playing in the fields.

I can remember as a kid, Marl used to be yellow and white with the daffs and snowdrops followed by the lush green of the wild garlic again followed by white as the garlic flowers. I really do enjoy this time of year.

Down side just had to bath the dog after she rolled around in some horse muck.

Friday, 4 February 2011

*"Cut The Crap"

* Title courtesy from Richard.

Just a short update regarding Dog Fouling and the minority of irresponsible owners who do not/refuse to pick up after their dogs.

6am this morning Police and the Council's Enforcement Team patrolled in Llandudno Junction. Feedback I have is that over twenty owners were observed and no offences witnessed, that said all were spoken to and asked if they carried bags, all did.

The team have informed me that most of the people questioned felt that this action was long overdue. I have asked that I be informed of fixed penalties issued in Conwy over the next few weeks in order to publish on this blog.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Funny things memories, I arrived home after 9pm last night after attending the Save our Civic Hall meeting in Conwy with a bag of chips for supper.

Up this morning just after 6am, girls off to school, dog and rabbit fed and the crow who screams out every morning around 7am. Chauffered the wife and her colleuge to work and then travelling home I started to grin and was remembering my eldest daughter at an early age one Christmas eve saying to my wife and I, "I can't wait for Father Christmas and his Radiators to come to our house". Still smiling as I write this!!

I wonder what triggers these memories off?