Friday, 4 February 2011

*"Cut The Crap"

* Title courtesy from Richard.

Just a short update regarding Dog Fouling and the minority of irresponsible owners who do not/refuse to pick up after their dogs.

6am this morning Police and the Council's Enforcement Team patrolled in Llandudno Junction. Feedback I have is that over twenty owners were observed and no offences witnessed, that said all were spoken to and asked if they carried bags, all did.

The team have informed me that most of the people questioned felt that this action was long overdue. I have asked that I be informed of fixed penalties issued in Conwy over the next few weeks in order to publish on this blog.


  1. The team have told you that most of the people they approached (wearing official pseudo police uniforms no doubt) and threatened a bit said that they believed 'the team' were doing a vital job.

    Yeah right.

  2. Anon 11:21
    Please read my post, I never said they were doing a vital job and they were actually not wearing "Hi Vis" clothing.

    "Yeah right" What do you mean?

  3. Excellent news Mike, it is said state of affairs for us to take such actions, but Dog Fouling has become one of our biggest complaints issue.
    The evidence from this morning indicates, as we suspect, that it is a very small minority of Dog Owners that are irresponsible. But we need to keep up with action to find those few who are causing the problem.
    I will gladly add the details of fines to my Blog also. We need to highlight what actions we are taking and the people responsible.
    Did the team manage to get down onto the Estuary Path between Deganwy and Llandudno Junction?
    Thanks Jason

  4. Thanks Jason,

    The team concentrated on Pensarn Ward and in particular Cae Derw and that estate. The team will pick "Hotspots" the Estuary route, I believe will be one of them. The areas to be covered will be as far away as Kimnel Bay to Llanfairfechan.

    It is also worth noting that bagged dog muck can be placed in any litter bin not just the red dog bins.

  5. why are u using police? shame

  6. anon 09:01

    Joint operation, the police can issue fixed penalty notices for this type of anti social behaviour.

    In the Environment department we have eight members of staff that have been trained to issue FPN's. This type of operation is vital "On the job" experience for them.

    Ask a community bobby what is one of their biggest complaints from residents, I have and the answer is irresponsibe people littering and not picking up after their dogs.

    This type of problem will never unfortunately in my opinion be eradicated but we can improve it and that means catching and fining the culprits.

  7. "In the Environment department we have eight members of staff that have been trained to issue FPN's. "

    What role/job do these people have in the department? If they also have this power?

  8. Mike,
    One thing wrong with your post
    The Police cannot issue fines for Dog Fouling.
    Bizarrely, Police Community Support Officers can.

  9. I would refuse to tell you on principle Mike if I was carrying a bag, I hope others feel the same way.
    I fully agree with giving the offenders fixed penalties if guilty, no doubt about that.
    The police want to go and ask others more important questions before asking others as to whether they are carrying S=== bags.

  10. anon 14:09

    I stand corrected you are asolutely correct PCSO's can issue fines for dog fouling and Police Officers can't and I agree with you, it's bizarre.