Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Flooding

Flooding across the County today with more bad weather predicted from 9pm tonight. A couple of telephone numbers that may be of use during out of office hours for flood issues:

Conwy Emergency Flood Response Room 01492 577999

Conwy Careline 01492 515777

Floodline 0845 988 1188

or check

Monday, 16 November 2009


Had an email this morning asking my view on copyright?
I am going to review my posts as I obviously do not want to breach this. I will also seek some advice as to what I can publish and hopefully offer advice to fellow bloggers.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Local Flooding

I was up til the early hours this morning dealing with ward flooding issues and thankfully had no properties flooded to my knowledge. I would like to thank the Environment and Highway department staff for their hard work, preventing any internal flooding.

Today about midday, I was contacted by a County Councillor asking for help and advice regarding flooding in St Andrews Road Llandudno. I went to the location only to be presented with a serious incident, on scene were Fire, Cartrefi Conwy and Council staff. There were about 8 properties flooded all occupied by our elderly residents, to be frank the scene upset me. I have no doubt that there will be an investigation into what has happened. I stayed all afternoon to assist as a volunteer.
I have been to quite a few flooding incidents but have never been this close to victims of flood damage. My sister's house was flooded out when she lived in Llandudno Junction in 1993 and she told me of her loss as I was working away at the time. My sister was insured, Many were not!! My sister told me that the greatest loss were simple things with great sentimental value.
I am the Chairman of the Conwy Drainage Group which has a multi agency membership and deals with issues such as this in St Andrews Road. I will be placing this incident at the top of the agenda with a view to looking for improvements. Although not proven, this looks like there could have been a problem with a pumping station in the area, my understanding at this stage is that this is an issue for Dwr Cymru to investigate. I know that Cartrefi Conwy Housing Association who own the properties are working hard to restore the properties.
I have learnt a lot from this personal experience, something I will bear in mind in my role as Chairman of the Conwy Drainage Group. I will update on this blog, the findings of the investigation.

Liberal Policy - Crime & Policing

The Liberal Democrats don't rely on tough talk and gimmicks like the other parties. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you on some of the work that Mike Priestley, Liberal Democrat, has done as a volunteer, Town Councillor and County Councillor. I have had a number of emails asking about my role in the "Crack House Closure" on my ward and it is this that has prompted this post.
7 years ago I replied to an advert in the paper asking for volunteers to set up what is called a Local Action Partnership (LAPs). These partnerships were part of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 to empower the community to work in partnership with the police and other agencies to tackle crime and disorder. I contacted the late Inspector Meirion Cassey (great man) offering my help. This group was duly set up and I was nominated as Chairman. The area we covered was Deganwy, Llandudno Junction and Conwy and we dealt with many many issues. I believe we were second in Wales to instigate a dispersal order, ours was in the Town of Conwy which was being plagued by yobs. This dispersal order was a tool for the police to challenge and disperse groups of people acting in an anti social manner. This was very successful and I was quite amazed at the amount of councillors on the television and in the press taking credit for the work that this group had done.
As a County Councillor and after months of work, I challenged an anti social issue in my ward and with the police and the council and a colleague instigated the "Crack House Closure". I went to court and gave evidence at this trial. The result was an 85% reduction in calls to the police in this area and the issue dealt with. Not a good time for my family as this was a worrying and stressful time. I was amazed that Peter Hain MP and Tony McNulty MP visited the area and subsequently mentioned how tough they were on crime for the next few days as if they were responsible for the "Crack House Closure".
More recently, I am involved in another case that I have no doubt will hit the press headlines. I think what I am trying to say is that as an elected member and as a resident, I am prepared to put my head above the parapet and quite frankly I laugh when people say the liberals are not tough on crime.
I am now going to bullet point some Liberal Democrat policy on Crime and Policing:
  • We will place 10,000 more police on the streets
  • We will introduce more effective policing using technology
  • Reform sentences to say what they mean, Life must mean Life
  • Provide secure mental health and drug treatment centres
  • Establish a violent offenders register so that enforcement agencies could monitor the movements of dangerous criminals

Crime is a major issue within our communities and Britain as a whole and it is also an issue that I would tackle head on. I make no apology for the length of this blog but I hope it has given you a flavour of how I address crime and disorder and also my party. For more information please go to

Friday, 13 November 2009

Ysgol Maelgwn Llandudno Junction

In the last 2 weeks this school has had 2 break ins a total of 9 laptops have been stolen, 2 laptops have been found. What type of people would steal off our children?
I am a school governor here and we will now have to divert money from the education budget to beef up security, so our children will suffer twice because of the thieving scumbags. Any information please call:
PC Logan 07810506373
PC Jones 07896171609
PCSO Colley 07970810556

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Affordable Housing under the Tories will drop by 25%

I was very disappointed this week with the Conservative group in Conwy. In Principal scrutiny committee Wednesday 28th October, chaired by the conservative leader, they tabled a recommendation to cut the percentage of affordable housing in the corporate plan from 50% to 25% stating 50% is not achievable!!.
I believe 50% is a challenging target but we all need targets and goals. I had a part in negotiations in Llandudno Junction in which we were successful in achieving 30% affordable housing on an application of 225 units just off Victoria Drive, giving the opportunity to 67 local families to afford or be housed in their local community. Under the Tory proposal this would be cut to about 56 local families a reduction of 11 or so, in my opinion this is a backward step and one that will have a devastating effect on local people.
I gave the conservative group in Conwy the opportunity to rethink their proposal on Thursday in full council, I hope they reconsider this because under their plans, up to 11 local families would miss out on a home in the Llandudno Junction scheme.

Operation "Christmas Goody Box"

Launched this appeal Thursday. Saturday I received a telephone call from Tescos informing me that the trolley was full to overflowing. My thanks to all who have contributed and Saturday was only day 3. We have until the end of November for the collection of these goods and during this time we will expand this appeal to other local supermarkets.