Friday, 30 April 2010

Missing & Vandalised Boards

I have reported that some of my corex boards are being vandalised or going missing. The question is who on earth would do such a thing and to what gain. There are a number of sites in question. I am concerned that the signs that have gone may turn up in possibly inappropriate places and for this reason I have reported them missing.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Election 2010

YouGov Poll Libdems 33% - Cons 32%- Lab 26% Others 8%

Something special is happening.

Vote Mike Priestley on May 6th.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Canvassing in Llandudno

A good evening tonight out in the Tudno Ward, some good feedback regarding The Leaders Debate and one poll (YouGov) has the Liberal Democrats in Second place.

Cons 33%
Libdems 30%
Lab 28%

Work completed on 3rd and 4th Leaflet and now working on the next. I have to admit I am really enjoying this unique experience.


Friday, 9 April 2010

What's your point?

I was sent this comment from a constituent regarding the Conservative candidates blog for Aberconwy, I would like to point out that Crest is located in the Marl Ward, not Pensarn and I too was very sorry to hear that they had lost the green waste contract, which was part of a legal tender process. I am also confident that this innovative green social enterprise will grow from this set back and I wish them every success.

A good morning in Pensarn with plenty of Conservative votes found in an area where one of my opponents, the Liberal Candidate, lives. We had a good team out this morning but I had to leave them in order to welcome Francis Maude and Cheryl Gillan to Llandudno Junction.We had a good visit to the Crest Co-Operative and were very impressed by the work this social enterprise undertakes in the community. It’s a great shame that they recently lost a substantial contract with Conwy Council’s environmental department but being innovative, hard working and practical I’m certain that they will continue to grow and develop despite this setback.
We will be in Marl this afternoon and I think that the aim is to be in Penrhyn Bay this evening. Guto

I am at a complete loss at the comments of a Mr Beesley, regarding the posting above and wonder what he is actually trying to say, perhaps he could shed some light and clarify his comments below??

Derek Beesley: April 8, 2010 at 7:41 pm
It’s a great shame that the unholy coalition of minor parties – otherwise known as Conwy County Council – should seek to undermine the Crest enterprise. But what else would one expect from Labour, LibDem and Plaid?Derek Beesley

A Question from Chris


All Parties bang on about Government “efficiency savings” but mainly skirt round the biggest inefficiency of all – paying benefits to people who don’t need them. A typical example is the winter fuel allowance – it’s not enough for the needy, and yet is completely un-necessary help for many. Why not, instead, actually INCREASE the standard £250 allowance to £416 – and then double-tax it. In round pounds,

•A non-taxpayer would get a substantial lift from £250 to £416
•a 20% taxpayer would still get £250 (£416 less 40% tax),
•a 40% taxpayer would get £83 ( £416 less 80% tax)
•a 50% taxpayer would get nothing (£416 less 100% tax)

Where this double-taxing of the fuel allowance actually pushed someone into tax, or into the next tax-band, there would be some in-between figures that apply. What’s really important, though, is that unlike other clawbacks and means-tests, the extra marginal tax on a £ of any other income will still only be at their normal highest rate of tax payable, not at some punitive claw-back rate. If the principle were shown to work and be politically acceptable, a similar scheme could then be devised for an increased but double-taxed Child Benefit that could then replace the Tax Credit mess, plus all the current child-related add-ons to other benefits. In this way the government would be targeting help where it is needed most, without elaborate means-tests and over-lapping benefits.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Out & About

A great day yesterday, 3 teams out at various locations. Campaign really taking off, I was out from 10am to 6pm yesterday, slept really well last night!!