Friday, 30 April 2010

Missing & Vandalised Boards

I have reported that some of my corex boards are being vandalised or going missing. The question is who on earth would do such a thing and to what gain. There are a number of sites in question. I am concerned that the signs that have gone may turn up in possibly inappropriate places and for this reason I have reported them missing.


  1. Look no further than a certain other party Mike!
    They have been seen up the valley.
    Have you seen PC Phil on your travels?
    He seems to have gone to ground.

  2. Hi Oscar, if caught, whoever was doing this thoughtless act, I would not hesitate to prosecute, these boards are not cheap especially the larger ones.
    I have bumped into Gutto and Ronnie on my travels, not seen Phil.

  3. Anonymous03 May, 2010

    My Labour one was cut down last night.
    I'm tying the dog to it tonight!

  4. Another in Deganwy yesterday, it really is quite sad.