Friday, 9 April 2010

What's your point?

I was sent this comment from a constituent regarding the Conservative candidates blog for Aberconwy, I would like to point out that Crest is located in the Marl Ward, not Pensarn and I too was very sorry to hear that they had lost the green waste contract, which was part of a legal tender process. I am also confident that this innovative green social enterprise will grow from this set back and I wish them every success.

A good morning in Pensarn with plenty of Conservative votes found in an area where one of my opponents, the Liberal Candidate, lives. We had a good team out this morning but I had to leave them in order to welcome Francis Maude and Cheryl Gillan to Llandudno Junction.We had a good visit to the Crest Co-Operative and were very impressed by the work this social enterprise undertakes in the community. It’s a great shame that they recently lost a substantial contract with Conwy Council’s environmental department but being innovative, hard working and practical I’m certain that they will continue to grow and develop despite this setback.
We will be in Marl this afternoon and I think that the aim is to be in Penrhyn Bay this evening. Guto

I am at a complete loss at the comments of a Mr Beesley, regarding the posting above and wonder what he is actually trying to say, perhaps he could shed some light and clarify his comments below??

Derek Beesley: April 8, 2010 at 7:41 pm
It’s a great shame that the unholy coalition of minor parties – otherwise known as Conwy County Council – should seek to undermine the Crest enterprise. But what else would one expect from Labour, LibDem and Plaid?Derek Beesley


  1. Mike,
    I see on Jason's blog that there are big changes at Mochdre Recycling, effective 1st April. Why no mention on your blog or in the Weekly News?

  2. One staunch conservative him, one of the regular letter writters!