Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cleanest Streets

Conwy has again been recognised for having the "Cleanest Streets" in Wales. This time we are joint 1st with Monmouthshire. This is a great achievement and I would like to thank all the staff in the Street Scene Department for their hard work.

Up to 150 streets and roads are picked at random and inspected independently by inspectors from Keep Wales Tidy. They look for Dog Fouling, Litter and Graffiti. Litter is set into 4 categories, smoking related litter (SRL), drinks, confectionery and fast food.

I am very pleased with this result as the staff have been working hard to catch up after the adverse weather.

We have a problem with irresponsible dog owners not picking up after their dogs and this has been worse lately due to, in my opinion, the dark mornings and early evenings. These irresponsible owners must feel they are not being seen so they can leave their dog mess behind.

I am Working with Cllr Philip Evans on an operation to tackle this very issue and very soon we will have a multi agency team cracking down on this. This team will consist of Environment and Regulatory Services in Conwy CBC and the Police. They will hit "Hotspots" and anyone caught leaving their dogs mess or littering can expect a fixed penalty.

If you have a problem regarding Street Cleanliness, please report it to our Environment Department on 01492 575337

Friday, 21 January 2011

Marl Ward Election Result

Congratulations to County Councillor Susan Shotter for a fantastic result in this election, we knew from the feedback on the doorstep that we were going to win, if the vote came out and thanks to the wonderful people of Marl, they did!!

Percentages as follows:

Turnout 31.3%

Susan Shotter Welsh Liberal Democrats 40.4%
Julie Fallon Conservative 28.1%
Mike Pritchard Labour 22.5%
Jason Landy Independent 9%

This is a Welsh Liberal Democrat Gain from the Tories. Sue in her acceptance speech acknowledged her opponents and thanked her agent Christine Humphries and all the team that assisted her in this great victory.

I feel This result has shook the Aberconwy Tories to their roots.

I look forward to working with Sue in the Marl Ward and representing the people of Conwy.

Well done once again Sue, a worker a winner!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Susan Shotter for Marl

I joined Sue on her campaign to become the next County Councillor for the Marl Ward yesterday. The weather was absolutely atrocious and we all got soaked, that said eight volunteers braved the severe conditions and residents appreciated the commitment from Sue's team.

Sue really is getting a positive response on the doorstep and when asked by residents, I was able to endorse her. I believe if elected Sue and I will be very effective for the residents of Marl and Sue really does look at the bigger picture, for example, she wants to scrutinise the Winter Gritting programme for instance.

I have been browsing some of the blogs and it really saddens me to see gutless anons having personal attacks on Sue and indeed the other candidates. Sue's campaign like all our campaigns, will not be drawn into the gutter and I believe that to be the right and proper way to conduct campaigns. You have to wonder what is wrong with these sad individuals.

Anyway feedback is positive from postal voters and there is still much to do, I will be able to assist Sue a little more this coming week but the rest of today is with the family, as we feel Sunday should be a day of rest and have never delivered or canvassed on Sundays. Full English (can't beat Edwards of Conwy) and time with the family, Sundays should not be more complicated than this!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Marl Ward Election

A few comments on the blog regarding the candidates in the Marl Ward election next Thursday 20th January. I refuse to be drawn into criticising the candidates.

The only candidate I endorse is Susan Shotter, together I believe we would be an effective and hard working pair for the Residents of Marl and I believe the residents deserve this. I can say this because I know Sue and have worked with her for some time now, she is enthusiastic, keen, intelligent and like me wants to make a positive difference in the ward and the County, Sue is a peoples person who listens and that in itself is a quality, she also has a determination to help people.

I hope this clears up my view on the matter and why I endorse her.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Assembly Contact email

My Welsh Assembly campaign contact email address is

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Marl Ward Election 20/01/2011

We have been out today canvassing and delivering leaflets for the forthcoming election in the Marl Ward. Our candidate, Sue Shotter, is being well received on the doorstep.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Colwyn Bay Waterfront

I attended the public consultation event for the Colwyn Bay Watersports Hotspot Design Competition today at The Leisure Centre in Colwyn Bay. I was pleased with the turn out with over 300 people attending as of 4.30pm and the event continues until 8pm tonight, we have also had a positive response via the Web.

This event is an opportunity for people to have their say regarding the Promenade.

You can see the 6 entries here.