Sunday, 16 January 2011

Susan Shotter for Marl

I joined Sue on her campaign to become the next County Councillor for the Marl Ward yesterday. The weather was absolutely atrocious and we all got soaked, that said eight volunteers braved the severe conditions and residents appreciated the commitment from Sue's team.

Sue really is getting a positive response on the doorstep and when asked by residents, I was able to endorse her. I believe if elected Sue and I will be very effective for the residents of Marl and Sue really does look at the bigger picture, for example, she wants to scrutinise the Winter Gritting programme for instance.

I have been browsing some of the blogs and it really saddens me to see gutless anons having personal attacks on Sue and indeed the other candidates. Sue's campaign like all our campaigns, will not be drawn into the gutter and I believe that to be the right and proper way to conduct campaigns. You have to wonder what is wrong with these sad individuals.

Anyway feedback is positive from postal voters and there is still much to do, I will be able to assist Sue a little more this coming week but the rest of today is with the family, as we feel Sunday should be a day of rest and have never delivered or canvassed on Sundays. Full English (can't beat Edwards of Conwy) and time with the family, Sundays should not be more complicated than this!!


  1. Why have you not published my comment on the sunday hustings?

  2. Why is your leaflet so misleading then against the conservatives.

  3. Sunday hustings,
    you attended Mike did you not?
    Phil was the only one who did not.

  4. Anon 00:33

    Apologies hit delete instead of publish. If I recall you commented on the last paragraph of my post as being "Tosh" as I had attended a Church Hustings during my parliamentary campaign on a Sunday.

    I hope you agree with the above?

    You are correct I did attend a Church Hustings and surprise, surprise it was on a Sunday??

    Fact is that I have never delivered or canvassed on a Sunday, I may however change my mind in the future, who knows??

    I try and spend as much time as I can on Saturday and Sundays to have quality time with my family. There are times that things have to be done on a Sunday for example Civic Sundays.

    Hope that clears it up for you and to be honest I haven't got a clue what your point is.


  5. anon 09:30

    I do not have a leaflet out at the moment.

  6. From a personal point of view I think that Sunday should be kept special.
    I would however class the hustings as canvassing, and you said that you don't canvass on a Sunday.
    You seem a good family man though Mike, one can't knock that.
    Sue does not look happy in the photo!

  7. A little confusion here Oscar, probably on my part!

    Delivering - Straight Forward deliver election material
    Canvassing - Knocking on Doors (My View)
    Hustings - an invitation to Speak and Answer questions to a group or crowd

    The point I was making was that I have not Delivered or knocked doors on a Sunday, mainly because I agree with you, they are special. I have emailed you regarding your blogpost on Marl and hope you get back to me regarding your wording "Campaigns".


  8. Mike (and the Jasons, Janet and anyone else good enough to blog their activities)

    Why be so assiduous defending yourself for canvassing or not canvassing or seeking to justify your hard work in so many ways to anonymous people?

    It's always reassuring and good to hear in the blog what you're up to, and different people will always take differing views on what you should be doing, or should have done - (or even should not be doing).

    In the end, though, NIKE have got it right - "Just do it!"

  9. Sue looks happy enough to me, and I bet she`s got a massive smile today after showing the Conservatives that the Lib Dem support is still alive and kicking.