Friday, 21 January 2011

Marl Ward Election Result

Congratulations to County Councillor Susan Shotter for a fantastic result in this election, we knew from the feedback on the doorstep that we were going to win, if the vote came out and thanks to the wonderful people of Marl, they did!!

Percentages as follows:

Turnout 31.3%

Susan Shotter Welsh Liberal Democrats 40.4%
Julie Fallon Conservative 28.1%
Mike Pritchard Labour 22.5%
Jason Landy Independent 9%

This is a Welsh Liberal Democrat Gain from the Tories. Sue in her acceptance speech acknowledged her opponents and thanked her agent Christine Humphries and all the team that assisted her in this great victory.

I feel This result has shook the Aberconwy Tories to their roots.

I look forward to working with Sue in the Marl Ward and representing the people of Conwy.

Well done once again Sue, a worker a winner!


  1. A number of factors played a part in this Lib Dem gain 1)Sue was a first class, hardworking candidate and will be an effective councillor.
    2) the electorate showed how highly Mike is respected in the Marl ward.
    3) Liberal Democrats led by the Agent Christine Humphreys pulled out all the stops in this campaign. Many congratulations.

  2. I was over the moon to see the support that the Lib Dems, Susan Shotter and yourself Mike has in the Marl ward.
    Keep up the good work you two.
    I feel that at least we will have future voices in the borough council

  3. What a shame Mike that the conservatives are spreading the rumour that it is you that the voters thought they were supporting just to keep your seat, and the support was not for the Lib Dems or Susan Shotter.
    Nothing worse than sore loosers.
    I can even name the Conservative that told someone I know that it was you who won, and I will mention that she was one of the main organisers, not Julie or Janet.
    What were the results and percentages again Mike?

  4. Thank you for all the good wishes, I met Sue yesterday and we spoke about working together and fair play to Sue, she wants to start with dealing with some issues raised whilst canvassing. She has my full support and I am really looking forward to working with her.

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  6. I was told by my friend that you and Sue have been around much of the ward to introduce Sue and thank people, also on a fact finding mission of what is urgently needed in the ward.
    My friend said that no councillor has ever been to her house previously to introduce themselves just after an election, but usually before one.

  7. Anon 00:59

    Yes you are right and we both have plans to expand on Ward communication, Sue really is a breathe of fresh air. Thank you for your feedback.