Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Thursday 6th May General Election

A final post before you all go out to vote. Before you place an X against the Candidate or Party, I thought I would like to remind you of the Liberal Democrat Four main pledges:

Fairer Taxes that put money back in your pocket. You will pay no tax on the first £10,000 that you earn - cutting most tax bills by £700.

A Fair Chance for every child. Smaller class sizes, more money into schools and abolish university tuition fees.

A Fair Future: Create jobs by making Britain greener. Invest in public transport, renewable energy and energy efficient homes.

A Fair Deal for you from politicians. Make politicians accountable and sack corrupt MPs.

I truly believe that this is change that will work for you. It is up to you how you vote, thank you to everyone for all the kind words and support during my campaign. Speak soon, Mike

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