Monday, 24 May 2010

Tatton RHS Show

This year we return to Tatton and are entering our parks department in the Council flowerbed competition. The picture above is our entry in 2008, that won gold medal and best in show, later in the year it also won the Wiggan cup, which is best out of all the RHS shows, basically best in Britain. This year our team will be joined by our tourism and marketing colleagues who will be giving out Conwy tourism information to the 100K visitors. I have argued that lots of Tatton visitors can be our Conwy short stay visitors. I feel we have to get out there at every opportunity to sell Conwy.


  1. Anonymous27 May, 2010

    Tell me how we the tax payer can get hold of costings, labour costs for this venture please? We are looking at cuts in services, how is this acceptable? Do you not think investment here in our own public areas is of more benefit? And yes we did win two years ago I’m told.

  2. Anonymous29 May, 2010

    Mike, whats the answer?

  3. I have asked for a breakdown of costs. The total cost is around £6K, but what is interesting the guy that designs the feature and attends Tatton, does it free of charge, his name is Mr Peter Barton-Price. I am also told that a lot of staff time is also given free and they use the experience for their Portfolios.This year I am asking to split the cost between my department and Tourism. I do not have the payback cost we get from press coverage, which from this event was extensive.

  4. Anonymous07 June, 2010

    more detail please?

  5. Sorry for the delay if you are the same anon.

    Cost breakdown as follows:

    Bedding plants (Sponsored)
    3D Figure £1200
    Transport £1000
    Compost £ 80
    Plant production 32hours @ £8.72 = £279.04
    On site build up 72 hours @ £13.08 = £941.76
    On site breakdown 24 hours @ £13.08 = £313.92

    Uncharged labour 36 @ £18.82 = £667.52 (design and Management rate)
    On site breakdown uncharged 12 hours @ £18.82 = £225.84

    Total estimated cost of event £3814.72
    Uuncharged or free labour £ 893.36

    Sorry I seem to have over estimated, but I will check out the entry fees. It maybe worthwhile mentioning that the plants from the display were auctioned for £500 and this was donated to Ty Gobiath.

    Please contact me if you require further detail.