Friday, 7 May 2010

Election 2010 Aberconwy

My congratulations to Guto Bebb on winning the seat in Aberconwy this morning and my heartfelt thanks to my wife and family for all their support during my hard, honest, well fought campaign. I would also like to thank my agent Chris Humphreys and all my team, also the people of Aberconwy for the warmth on the doorstep, I believe that I am a better person for this experience and am committed to working for the people of Aberconwy. My particular thanks to the residents of Marl and Pensarn for their support.
Once again Thanks to all for their support.


  1. Anonymous07 May, 2010

    Thanks to you for continuing service in our area.
    JB Glan Conwy

  2. Anonymous07 May, 2010

    Not that it's any consolation, but democracy doesn't always choose the best.

  3. It would have been nice to see you a close second.
    You fought well and still have the priceless gift of your family,you cherish them and rightly so.
    Well done.

  4. Oscar,

    You are spot on, last night was a great night a DVD and surrounded by my girls, Priceless!!!

    I feel this experience will benefit me for the future, where ever that might be? I take some comfort in beating Plaid after their on the main negative campaign but would have liked to see a few more votes in my direction. I honestly take great pleasure in helping people and will continue to do so.

    Thank you for this comment.


  5. JB and anon above. Thank you.
    I will continue to serve.

  6. thanks for giving us Guto Bebb

  7. Biggles, I am intrigued on how you come to this conclusion and ask you to share your analysis with me. Here is how I see it.

    Guto Bebb 10734 (35.8%) +6.8%
    Ronnie Hughes 7336 (24.5%) -8.5%
    Mike Priestley 5786 (19.3%) +0.2%
    Phil Edwards 5341 (17.8%) +3.8%
    Mike Wieteska 632 (2.1%) +1%
    Loise Wynne-Jones 137 (0.46%) +0.5%

    Add all the %'s together from the 3rd candidate down and Labour still would have lost to the Tories. So in conclustion Tories up 6.8% and Labour down 8.5% tells me that it was Labour that lost the election and this would be a good area to start your analysis.


  8. Good to see your happy with the Lib / Con pact
    wish i could surrender my principles so quickly

  9. Biggles,

    I really do not know what to say to you and again how on earth you can make statements like the one above makes my mind boggle, Biggles.

    I have also seen your writing style on Facebook!!!

  10. ah a fan alwyas good to meet one

  11. Anonymous22 May, 2010

    Surrender Principles !! Would Biggles have preferred a fragile extreme Tory government to a govt with the opportunity to enact strong Liberal measures ? It is an opportunity to secure our LIBERAL principles in the govt of UK.