Sunday, 23 May 2010


Anti Social Birdsong

Chauffeured my two girls to and from Radio Ones Big Weekend yesterday, so ended up having a late night last night.

I am the first to say that birdsong first thing in the morning is one of natures gifts to us mere mortals, but 4.30 this morning a blackbird sung his heart out and hasn't stopped yet (10.15) I just hope whoever he is singing for is worth it!!!!

Bangor was buzzing yesterday and will do today, Chris Moyles and his sidekick Comedy Dave (Radio 1 DJ's) has done us locals proud by promoting North Wales. I will take this experience forward in Conwy County Borough Council. We have to make the most out of tourism especially now with the state of the Euro, Ash Clouds and Air strikes, if we can't take advantage now we never will, just MY view.


  1. Mike,
    you seem a decent enough man, can you please not help us in Llandudno and get some temporary toilets for the West Shore?
    And if at all possible get the Alice in Wonderland statue cleaned up there at the same time.
    In the big picture it will cost the county nothing, yet will give so much back to those of us that use and love the West Shore.
    It was packed there earlier and the toilet situation is dire to say the least.
    Please help, it would be most appreciated
    Best Wishes

  2. Anonymous23 May, 2010

    You are spot on.
    When are you going for Leader of the Council ?

  3. Anonymous23 May, 2010

    Why no Director of Tourism in Conwy County, when both Aberconwy & Colwyn Councils had one?

  4. Oscar,

    I have asked that temporary toilets be in place for the Bank Holiday week. I will also chase up the cleaning of the statue and contact you with further information.