Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Looking Back

I had to laugh when I saw this pie, silly things make me chuckle and then it took me right back to my childhood, it reminded me of "Desperate Dan" from that good old comic The Dandy.


  1. Me to!
    Beano after school on a Wednesday, Dandy if I was luck on a Saturday, and Tiger was another good comic.
    Happy days!
    Where was this pie??

  2. What about the Christmas Annuals, takes me right back an apple, tangerine, banana and maybe a Marsbar in one of my Footie socks at the end of the bed Christmas Morning.

    The pie was in a Farmfood shop in Scotland.

  3. Chris,

    I don't know where your comment went but you know when you are getting older, when it rains you make comments like " well, the garden needs it"