Saturday, 14 November 2009

Local Flooding

I was up til the early hours this morning dealing with ward flooding issues and thankfully had no properties flooded to my knowledge. I would like to thank the Environment and Highway department staff for their hard work, preventing any internal flooding.

Today about midday, I was contacted by a County Councillor asking for help and advice regarding flooding in St Andrews Road Llandudno. I went to the location only to be presented with a serious incident, on scene were Fire, Cartrefi Conwy and Council staff. There were about 8 properties flooded all occupied by our elderly residents, to be frank the scene upset me. I have no doubt that there will be an investigation into what has happened. I stayed all afternoon to assist as a volunteer.
I have been to quite a few flooding incidents but have never been this close to victims of flood damage. My sister's house was flooded out when she lived in Llandudno Junction in 1993 and she told me of her loss as I was working away at the time. My sister was insured, Many were not!! My sister told me that the greatest loss were simple things with great sentimental value.
I am the Chairman of the Conwy Drainage Group which has a multi agency membership and deals with issues such as this in St Andrews Road. I will be placing this incident at the top of the agenda with a view to looking for improvements. Although not proven, this looks like there could have been a problem with a pumping station in the area, my understanding at this stage is that this is an issue for Dwr Cymru to investigate. I know that Cartrefi Conwy Housing Association who own the properties are working hard to restore the properties.
I have learnt a lot from this personal experience, something I will bear in mind in my role as Chairman of the Conwy Drainage Group. I will update on this blog, the findings of the investigation.


  1. Most encouraging to read such a post with regard to your input over the 24 hours to the troubles.
    Pity Cllr Joan and a few of the other cabinet members were not of the same attitude towards their porfolio's,as in being as hands on as you appear to be.
    Very upsetting story about the pensioners.

  2. Oscar,

    This will be a life changing experience for me. I am not sure quite how at this moment but I know it will be.


  3. One thing you could get stuck into is the poor standard of maintenance/cleaning of the road drains in central Llandudno and surrounding areas. So many are blocked with earth/leaves etc and have been like that for, in some cases, several years.

  4. Our highways department are responsible for drain inspection and cleaning. our road drains are inspected and cleaned/cleared once a year.

    I personally walk around my ward and part of my walk will be looking out for such defects and then report them, I also ask for confirmation that the job has been completed.

    I will talk to the cabinet member for highways Cllr Joan Vaughan regarding this issue and also Llandudno members. I will also raise it at cabinet level when discussing recent events.If anyone wants to report a blocked highway drain the direct telephone number for the Llandudno area is 01492 575442.

  5. This post on the Llandudno forum is of relevance:

  6. Which County Councillor contacted you in this instance?

  7. Cllr Janet Finch-Saunders contacted me asking if I could assist a Ward Town Councillor.

  8. Problems with pumping stations leading to flooding in Conwy - this is unheard of - its never happened before - how can this be - quick lessons must be learnt - until the next time ;-)