Sunday, 1 November 2009

Affordable Housing under the Tories will drop by 25%

I was very disappointed this week with the Conservative group in Conwy. In Principal scrutiny committee Wednesday 28th October, chaired by the conservative leader, they tabled a recommendation to cut the percentage of affordable housing in the corporate plan from 50% to 25% stating 50% is not achievable!!.
I believe 50% is a challenging target but we all need targets and goals. I had a part in negotiations in Llandudno Junction in which we were successful in achieving 30% affordable housing on an application of 225 units just off Victoria Drive, giving the opportunity to 67 local families to afford or be housed in their local community. Under the Tory proposal this would be cut to about 56 local families a reduction of 11 or so, in my opinion this is a backward step and one that will have a devastating effect on local people.
I gave the conservative group in Conwy the opportunity to rethink their proposal on Thursday in full council, I hope they reconsider this because under their plans, up to 11 local families would miss out on a home in the Llandudno Junction scheme.


  1. You are quite right Mike,50% is a big ask but surely it is better to aim high and get close than admit defeat at 25% when so many local young people can't even get near the property ladder,let alone on it and are having to pay out ridiculously high amounts in rent on property they will never own,give them a fighting chance.

  2. Will these be rented or private ? _ Junction resident

  3. Sue,

    I agree, aim high, I worry about the message the Tories are sending out here!!!

  4. Junction resident, There is a mixture on this site, rented and discounted mortgages. If you call into the sales office they will have all the info you need. I have directed a local couple to this scheme and they may be entitled to a discount on their mortgage. I wish them well.

  5. Mike

    You say:-

    "Affordable Housing under the Tories will drop by 25%"

    But isn't a drop from 50% to 25% a drop of 50% really? (OK - I hate people like me!)

  6. Socially rented properties are overtaking us as private owners, am surprised that you are not supporting us more - Llandudno Junction resident.

  7. Junction resident,

    If you need any help or support do not hesitate to contact me.


  8. Green Warrior05 November, 2009

    yes well done, a load more green fields in the junction gone forever in order to build more toytown houses whilst how many existing houses stand empty or for sale? on rightmove, there are 272 properties for sale in lladnudno alone under £200,000.

    and where are all these families desperately in need of housing living now? under a mushroom maybe?

    youre supposed to be the cabinet member for the ENVIRONMENT. Or is that just short for DESTROYING THE ENVIRONMENT? your policy should be simple...NO BUILDING ON GREEN FIELDS.

  9. Mike - how many houses in the Junction site have been bought through the affordable scheme?

    Answer: Zero

    How many will be?

    Answer: Zero


    Answer: Because Conwy do not have a clue