Friday, 13 November 2009

Ysgol Maelgwn Llandudno Junction

In the last 2 weeks this school has had 2 break ins a total of 9 laptops have been stolen, 2 laptops have been found. What type of people would steal off our children?
I am a school governor here and we will now have to divert money from the education budget to beef up security, so our children will suffer twice because of the thieving scumbags. Any information please call:
PC Logan 07810506373
PC Jones 07896171609
PCSO Colley 07970810556


  1. What do the Liberal's have in mind for tackling this sort of behaviour?
    Can you give us 3 specific points please Mike, it is very important that you can bearing in mind your political postion.

  2. "What type of people would steal off our children?"
    The sort that you see wandering the streets more and more these days. Never worked, spend their days drinking, taking drugs, causing trouble for other people. Until the benefit system is fully reformed, their numbers will continue to grow.

  3. He has been asked before on his liberal policy for aberconwy but never answers. Says "please call... "

    Lets get some words of action!

    So tell us Mike?