Sunday, 6 February 2011

Marl in Spring

Just come home from a very windswept walk around Marl Woods with my wife and "Jelly" the dog, it really is a walk to be recommended. The wild garlic is sprouting, wild Snowdrops and another week or so the Daffodils will be in bloom. The "Catkins" are also out and the lambs jumping around and chasing each other and playing in the fields.

I can remember as a kid, Marl used to be yellow and white with the daffs and snowdrops followed by the lush green of the wild garlic again followed by white as the garlic flowers. I really do enjoy this time of year.

Down side just had to bath the dog after she rolled around in some horse muck.

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  1. This is impressive undercover disguises by the Enforcement Officers, but the Hi-Vis vest gives them away