Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Funny things memories, I arrived home after 9pm last night after attending the Save our Civic Hall meeting in Conwy with a bag of chips for supper.

Up this morning just after 6am, girls off to school, dog and rabbit fed and the crow who screams out every morning around 7am. Chauffered the wife and her colleuge to work and then travelling home I started to grin and was remembering my eldest daughter at an early age one Christmas eve saying to my wife and I, "I can't wait for Father Christmas and his Radiators to come to our house". Still smiling as I write this!!

I wonder what triggers these memories off?


  1. Arent you a senior member of the council that wants to shut the civic hall down?

  2. You obviously were not at this meeting nor the committee meeting I attended two/three months ago.

  3. Why did you not support the measure to cut councillors allowances? At a time when services are being cut and council jobs lost, why shouldn't you share in the pain?

  4. I have voted for an allowance freeze for the second year running. I disagree with Councillors voting on allowances and will welcome the Independent panel taking on this roll.