Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Well today is my Birthday and I am spending the evening with my family. My girls have baked a cake and we are going to have a "Fish Supper".
Question: Where is the best Fish & Chip Shop in our area?
My favourites: Enochs Llandudno Junction
Harbour View Deganwy
Fish Tram Chips Llandudno


  1. Happy birthday Mike!

  2. Ooops! - there goes most of the Aberconwy F&C shop vote, then (except the three F&C's you mention, of course!).

    Politics can be SO tricky!

    We now look forward to seeing the first "statement of clarification" of your campaign!


    PS Happy birthday - the consensus is that you look marvellous for your age (whatever it might be!)

  3. You don`t look your age Mike !!!
    Happy birthday and let`s hope you will be spending your next one in London.
    Good luck