Saturday, 7 May 2011

Aberconwy Election Result

My Congratulations go to Janet Finch Saunders AM for winning this seat, she worked hard and fought a clean fight.

Janet Finch Saunders Conservatives 6,888

Iwan Huws Plaid Cymru 5,321

Eifion Wyn Williams Labour 5,206

Mike Priestley Lib Dems 2,873

I raised the vote in Aberconwy for the Libdems by 5% and contributed to assist Aled Roberts in his election for one of the four Regional seats. I supported Aled to become our number one for the list and feel that he will make an excellent AM, Congratulations also go to him.

In the current circumstances with the national picture, I am happy with the result although would have liked a few more votes, I believe the Labour leaflet that I have posted on previously certainly cut my vote in Junction where they seemed to have concentrated on delivery.

Thanks to all that voted for me and also my team and especially my Agent Christine Humphries. Last but certainly not least thanks to my lovely wife Lorraine and my two girls for all their support, I am a very lucky man to have the three of you!!


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  1. Anonymous08 May, 2011

    Bad luck Mike you worked hard along with your team and lost the battle still with your pride still intact.
    The Assembley`s loss is our gain, you are needed in Conwy Borough Council Mike, and while I am sorry that you and the Lib Dems lost I am also secretly pleased we still have you.

    Now you and Councillor Susan Shotter can concentrate on the Marl Ward as well as supporting the rest of the borough.