Thursday, 11 March 2010

Campaign HQ

Campaigning HQ : This is now located at 126 Conwy Road, Llandudno Junction. Already supporters are offering their help in the many tasks that will need to be done in the next few weeks.
Please phone Christine Humphreys 07789964265 to offer your support or email


  1. Good to see an office in the Junction Mike, how many of the candidates can open up in their home town and still be in the constituency, certainly not Plaid Cymru or the Tories.

  2. While i applaud your committment to recycling within the local community and the raised awareness of what if left to continue as it was ,would have had an adverse effect on the future generations ability to maintain a sustainable excistence ,can we expect the same enthusiasm regarding policing,regeneration and assistance from the assembley to revitalise the tourism industry , if you are elected.
    As a person who has studied planning and environmental politics i can see two fantastic opportunities for partnership between private and public sector industry which as yet have not even been mentioned by any local businessmen or councillors,both environmentally friendly and sustainable with minimum disruption to the community. I shall be following local candidates Bloggs from now on and will be interested to see if any come near to these possible developments as to be honest local feeling is very disillusioned due to lack of ideas from councillors that will revitalise the coastal towns all year round and young people are faced with a very difficult future without work,which for so long was a reliable off spin from the inward finacial investment generated from tourism. I look forward to your answer as to be honest i wouldnt bet against you in the election due to your commitment but am concerned your envirronmental work has left you one dimensional. i hope i am wrong the are needs a new young energetic MP having so long suffered from the elected MP who unless doing a PR stunt are rarely mentioned in the political area.

  3. Time you updated your blog Mike. Three weeks without an update, people will be wondering what you're doing.

  4. I am posting this to the Blog of each of the Parliamentary Candidates. I would welcome your thoughts as to whether you or your Party feel that what is proposed might just have the germ of an idea in it.


    All Parties bang on about Government “efficiency savings” but mainly skirt round the biggest inefficiency of all – paying benefits to people who don’t need them.

    A typical example is the winter fuel allowance – it’s not enough for the needy, and yet is completely un-necessary help for many.

    Why not, instead, actually INCREASE the standard £250 allowance to £416 – and then double-tax it.

    In round pounds,

    •A non-taxpayer would get a substantial lift from £250 to £416

    •a 20% taxpayer would still get £250 (£416 less 40% tax),

    •a 40% taxpayer would get £83 ( £416 less 80% tax)

    •a 50% taxpayer would get nothing (£416 less 100% tax)

    Where this double-taxing of the fuel allowance actually pushed someone into tax, or into the next tax-band, there would be some in-between figures that apply.

    What’s really important, though, is that unlike other clawbacks and means-tests, the extra marginal tax on a £ of any other income will still only be at their normal highest rate of tax payable, not at some punitive claw-back rate.

    If the principle were shown to work and be politically acceptable, a similar scheme could then be devised for an increased but double-taxed Child Benefit that could then replace the Tax Credit mess, plus all the current child-related add-ons to other benefits.

    In this way the government would be targeting help where it is needed most, without elaborate means-tests and over-lapping benefits.

  5. Thanks for the email Chris, I have no idea what was wrong with my account, but hopefully it's sorted. Can you send me the reply you were receiving??

    I will use your question as a post.