Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Taxes under the Liberal Democrats

As a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Aberconwy, I believe I am the only candidate so far who is writing their own blog. I also believe a blog should belong to the person (a few comments will be made about this statement no doubt!!)

Up for debate today is the Liberal Democrats Fair Taxes Policy. I truly believe in this policy which will put money back in the pocket for thousands of people in the constituency. People earning £10,000 or under will pay no tax - cutting most tax bills by £700 per year. This £700 would most probably be spent in our local community, which has to be a good thing. This policy has been fully costed by our Treasury Team under the very acknowledged Politician, Vince Cable.


  1. You might be the only one writting your own blog, although Guto writes most of his, but your blog lacks any real bite, it tells us nothing about your own political views.
    Mike I like you, but the blog is very weak.

  2. But shouldn't everyone contribute something towards the country's expenses, regardless of how much they earn? I would be far keener on having something like a 5% basic rate of tax for the first £12k earned.

  3. How much will this cost, and how our the Lib Dems suggesting to fund this.
    Sounds a great idea but our experience with government is that they always give with one had and take (more!) with the other hand.
    Will there be any assistance to Small Business owners?

  4. Vince Cable is a great asset to the Lib.Dems.

    If there's a hung Parliament, let's hope he's drafted to serve in the cabinet.

  5. Hear you had a good result ay John Bright, follows up with support you received at Llandrillo. Would be interested in your views of how it went

  6. Good luck Mike. Like many of my friends we hope you succeed.

  7. Anonymous04 May, 2010

    My daughter wants to join the Lib Dem party please can you let me know how she can do this, she is 16 and lives in Conwy Valley