Friday, 25 June 2010

Mostyn Ward Llandudno, Election Results

Mostyn Ward Conwy County Borough Council

Jobi Hold (Labour) 348
Gary Burchett (Welsh Conservative) 310
Janet Jones (Independent) 198

Jobi Hold Elected Conwy County Borough Councillor for Mostyn Ward Llandudno

Mostyn Ward Town Council

Frank Bradfield (Welsh Conservative) 253
Jobi Hold (Labour) 351
Robert Edwards (Independent) 67
Gareth Owen (Libdem) 191

Jobi Hold Elected Llandudno Town Councillor for Mostyn Ward


  1. Anonymous25 June, 2010

    i blame the vat rise

  2. Why did the Lib Dems not put forward a candidate for the County seat?

  3. Anonymous27 June, 2010

    Election scam ?

  4. Chameleon,
    It was decided to support Gareth's bid for Town Council. How can Anon 11:35 justify such a statement is beyond me.