Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Pay As You Throw

There are a few questions being asked regarding Conwys policy on refuse and recycling collections. I will give a quick response to some here.

Q:Are you going to introduce a charge to empty our bins (Pay as you throw)?
A:There are no plans to charge to empty your wheelie bin.
Q:Can I leave out extra bin bags on our collection day?
A: No, we have a no side waste policy and I have argued that overflowing bins with side waste will probably contain recycling.

Q:I have a large family and can't manage with one bin can I have another?
A: If you have a family of 6 or more permanently residing in one household and can't manage, you qualify for an extra bin.(A baby in nappies qualifies as 2 persons)

Q:I have an elderly relative who can't cope with getting the bin out, can you help?
A:Yes, we have a scheme that is called assisted collections. This scheme will collect the bin from an agreed location.
Q: Are you going to improve the collection of recycling and collect more stuff like food and plastic?
A: Yes, we have a trial in place collecting plastic and household batteries. We are also collecting food waste (Weekly). This is proving to be a success and very popular. We will be looking at rolling this out as soon as possible with the possibility of collecting further items such as Tetra cartons and brown cardboard. We are also looking at collecting recycling weekly.

I hope the above is of use and I am happy to take questions on this blog. If you have any other queries you can contact the Environment dept on 01492 575337.


  1. Anonymous01 July, 2010

    Hi Mike,

    Will I be given any incentive if I wish to compost my green and food wastes safely in my garden?


    We sell compost bins at a discounted price of £15, to order phone 01492 575337, also the end product can be reused on your garden and saving you money also.