Sunday, 5 December 2010

RTC Marl Ward

Saturday morning I received a call at around 08.45 informing me that a bus carrying passengers had skidded off the road and into a garden on Victoria Drive. I understand that there is to be an investigation into this matter, early information is that passengers have praised the efforts of the driver and that if it were not for a garden wall and conifers the bus may have hit the property. It is also reported that there was some black ice in this area. The driver was shaken by this incident and also I believe that an elderly passenger was taken to hospital. I have asked for a welfare check on this passenger and as of yet have not been informed.

This is serious enough but really could have been so much worse. My thoughts are with the injured passenger and driver at this time.


  1. What has it to do with a councillor?
    Where is the info on the missing plant??

  2. Oscar,

    You would be amazed at what calls come my way from time to time.

    One I have not blogged is being blamed for the smoking ban.

    Info on plant on post that you asked the question.

  3. Oscar, If Mike had not acted on the phone call informing him of the bus crash he would have been found wanting by someone, that is why he had to be seen to be doing something.

    What is it to do with a councillor?
    EVERYTHING in the ward is blamed on the councillor, yet very few people will give a word of encouragement and thanks.
    Well done Mike on the work you do in the borough, I will encourage you as I have been one of your recipient in the past.

  4. How is the passenger can we have an update ?

  5. Cllr Joan Vaughan informed me that she was ok, unfortunately the police did not get back to me. I will check further.