Sunday, 23 October 2011

Conwy Food Festival

Popped over to Conwy yesterday and have to say it was probably the busiest I have ever seen the Town, in fact when talking to locals, this was one of their first comments.

There were also a few saying that the £7 entrance fee was a put off and they were not willing to pay it, one suggested a discount for locals. That said, the marquees were absolutely Jam Packed and in some instances too busy for my wife and I to go in.

Hopefully the weather will hold up for them today as I feel this will probably be one of the busiest feast's Conwy has seen. This event really shows Conwy off to its full potential. There were also lots of street entertainers which added to this event and lets not forget the food!!!

Believe it or not, with all the various stalls from all over Wales, I ended up going home with "Edwards of Conwy Sausages", well they are the best you know.

Well done to Jane Hughes and her team for organising this event!!

Still having problems with receiving comments.


  1. Some very severe and worrying occurences during and after the fabulous light show on Saturday evening. Several reports of poor or non-existant crowd control and drunken loutish behaviour by mindless yobs. Even the police apparently had trouble trying to control the overwhelming tides of people after the event. The event's stewards were completely out of their depth and totally ineffective, at times making dangerous situations even worse. It seems the police might well lodge an objection to the event next year.

  2. Not heard about this Anon but will look into this.

    This is the first comment I have received so hopefully back up and running.

  3. Food Festival was very busy, a great success for Conwy.

  4. Further to just some of the trouble after the light show see the letters page of the North Wales Weekly News 27/10/11.

  5. The crowd control was non exsistant, after the light show the road was opened to traffic and thousands of pedestrians where pushed on to the pavement causing distress to many, crushed as they were jostled by the crowd, some of whom had been drinking all day, and had little regard for children in pushchairs and the elderly