Monday, 31 October 2011

Recycle More 2nd Quarter Results

I received Conwy's first full quarter recycling figures today which included the new weekly collection service. I am very pleased to announce that residents in Conwy are now recycling 54% of their waste. I have to be cautious with this figure as this quarter is usually the busiest due to green garden waste.

This result is up 10% from last year and looks promising to hit the statutory target of 52% by 2012/13.

There is still more to do, we are working on introducing kerbside recycling in the rest of the County. Currently some rural areas do not receive this service and it is hoped that this can be resolved in late 2012. We estimate that there are around 5000 households not receiving this service and when they do it will give Conwy an extra 2% on top of our current figures.

The difficult challenge then is how to get to 70% recycling by 2025.

Well done to everyone who participates and of course our staff.

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