Sunday, 4 July 2010

Green Flag

Conwy County Borough Council's Parks department has entered four parks for Green Flag status this year. The Green Flag recognises Parks that are well maintained with robust management plans. I personally believe that a well maintained park can add value to the community in so many ways, healthy living, residents are encouraged to visit the Park, economically it can add to the visitor experience and educationally for our children. I also believe that a well maintained Green Flag park reduces crime as residents feel pride for their park and take ownership.

The Parks entered are:

Wynn Gardens Old Colwyn (Looking to Retain)
Queens Gardens Colwyn Bay (New Entry)
Bodlondeb Conwy (New Entry)
Happy Valley Llandudno (Looking to Retain)


  1. Happy Valley - I'm not moaning but...can you find out why the water feature in the rock gardens never appears to be working? I've only seen it turned on for a couple of days this entire year and, even when working, the top cascade part (potentially the most attractive bit) is bone dry?

  2. Chameleon, I will look into this and get back to you.