Saturday, 24 July 2010

RHS Tatton

I was at Tatton today and I have to say that our staff have done our beautiful County proud.

The amount of leaflets that visitors were taking was incredible and I hope that this will result in many visitors coming to Conwy, I actually overheard two couples saying that it was their intention to visit Conwy in September. I hope also that the publicity in the national press and media will help attract people.

Peter Barton-Price is the genius behind this creation which is celebrating the Honey Bee and all the work that it does whilst pollinating all our plants. My hat goes off to him and his team.

After the show all the bedding plants will be auctioned and money raised will go to charity. Also Peter tells me that the Bee props will be going up to Ty Gobaith children's hospice for them to be placed in their flowerbeds. Last year the sale of the plants raised £500 for Ty Gobaith.

Sorry for the poor quality photos but my camera packed in, so I used my phone camera. I will post a better photo as soon as I can.


  1. Love the dog pictures!

    How much does it cost for the county to show at Tatton, does it come from an advertising budget or the enviroment budget Mike?

  2. I will have the figures very soon. I can say that in 2008, the Butterfly entry cost £3814. At this event I was disappointed that we did not exploit promoting Conwy for tourism. This year I wanted an opportunity to promote not only the skill of our gardeners in Conwy but Conwy County as a holiday destination. I visited Tatton on Saturday and the feedback from the visitors was very positive indeed. Over the course of the week thousands of leaflets were handed out to people who hopefully will visit us. The cost of this project will come out of the Environment Departments budget. I believe that we can look at this in the future as a sponsored event with private and public bodies and businesses working together to promote Conwy.

  3. Great idea Mike.
    I hear things take an age to finalise in council circles, get going!

  4. Perhaps the money came to do this event from the flowerbeds in rhos on sea budget - the ones at rhos point that are empty this year. still its not like many visitors come to rhos is it...oh wait...

  5. Maybe you should encourage more parking and less traffic wardens if you want visitors to stay and spend their hard earned cash in the shops and cafes and not on parking tickets ! Nuff Said !