Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Marl Ward

One part of the job I really enjoy is getting out and about meeting residents on the Ward. The best way to meet residents is when delivering Ward News Letters. Today whilst out delivering I must have spoken to around 30 people and picked up a few issues to resolve along the way. Whilst delivering Victoria Crescent I had the chance to bump into a constituent that I knew was a great Gardener and shows vegetables and flowers in many Horticultural shows. I asked if he had anything on the go at the moment and he invited me into his garden. What a little oasis it was with Leeks 4ft tall and this Dahlia the size of a football, he also had some beautiful gladiola.

Sorry to ramble on but as I said I do really enjoy walking the Ward, if not delivering leaflets I take "Jelly" our dog for a walk.

Some messages of good will regarding my appointment at the Walton Centre were also made today as well as a concern from a resident about a neighbours mental health, you really do not know what's coming next. That said I have enjoyed getting out and about and hopefully getting a little fitter!!!.


  1. Why are you spending so much of my money on Recycling matters

  2. Because recycling costs and we have to have the infrastructure in place to reach the 2025 target of recycling 70% of our waste. If we do not reach the target we will be fined £200 per tonne for our failure over our recycling limits, which I am sure you agree will be disastrous for us, the council tax payers.

    Also I feel recycling is more sustainable for our future and investing in the service now to make it more user friendly will help us achieve our very challenging targets, which is also good for the planet and our childrens future.