Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Walton Centre for Neurology & Neurosurgery

I have recently been elected Governor at The Walton Centre, Liverpool. This is an honour for me as I will be representing the people of North Wales. The Walton Centre is now a Foundation Trust. Achieving foundation trust status means that the centre has greater freedom to decide locally how to tailor its services for the benefit of its patients. It is also more accountable to the communities it serves and this is where the role of governor comes in. Basically a governor is a critical friend to the trust. The Walton Centre is committed to being an international centre of clinical excellence in the treatment, provision, research and education of neurological care.

The Walton Centres aim is to become the UKs premier provider of specialist neurosciences services. I have been to Liverpool twice, one for an induction and the second time for the trusts AGM and my first governors meeting.

I stood for this position for a number of reasons. One, this centre saved my daughters life. Two, I led on a petition against the stupid Plaid/Labour proposal to send North Wales Neuro patients down south to Cardiff or Swansea for treatment. Three, I also promoted the Centre to become a foundation trust.

We should be proud here in North Wales as we have the second highest number of trust members out of the four constituencies. The membership is as follows:

Cheshire 984
Merseyside 3,122
North Wales 1,738
Rest of England and Wales 1,006

Anyone can be a member of the foundation trust, it doesn't cost a penny and you do not have to give any commitments whatsoever. You can join by following this link

I believe the Walton Centre will be sending out a press release this week regarding my election success.


  1. Is it a paid post Mike?

  2. No, but you can claim for your mileage @ 40p per Mile and £1.20 each way for the Tunnel and car parking.

  3. Congratulations Mike, It is of great importance that we have a high profile in hospitals like Walton, Christies, Whiston, as so many of us North Walians depend on their expertise.
    These hospitals have saved many lives that might has been lost if we had to travel all the way to Cardiff for serious operations.
    It is as important to continue to ensure that Llandudno Hospital retains what is left of the excellent A&E that we once had.
    Keep up the good work Mike.