Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Quick Update:Dog Fouling

Spoke to our PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) today and he informed me that another morning was spent yesterday tackling dog fouling. A number of people were spoken to and I believe 3 fixed penalties were issued to people not picking up after their dogs. This was on the Deganwy to West Shore section of the cycle track. Varying excuses ranging from "I didn't see the dog do it"!! to, I was not paying attention as I had to text my friend.

Yesterday, I had a ward walkabout with my colleague Councillor Sue Shotter and as we were walking by the Weekly News, we witnessed 2 dogs doing their business as their owner walked ahead oblivious. It was pointed out to her that her dogs had made a mess and the embarrassed owner picked it up.

I will post more on this issue.


  1. What about cleaning the pavements in Conwy, one operative was standing for a long time the other day talking, only a tweezer thing in his hand and kept clearing his mouth of saliva into the gutter, disgusting behaviour.

  2. Oscar,

    Can I request that you please put your complaints to the Environment department. If not,
    I can do this on your behalf, Who, When and Where.



  3. Nice to see you doing something to 'cut the crap'.

    This really is needed.


  4. At last we have two councillors in the Marl Ward who are really interested in their work.
    I hope you two will continue to show other councillors on Conwy `how to do it`.

  5. What are your views on the Libya crisis, should our lads be involved?
    Please answer as it will give us a chance to see your thoughts on such an important national issue as opposed to the parish goings on of the Assembly.

  6. I would like to know if you get voted in would you still be on Conwy council and would you take a wage from them and from the Assembly like has happened to some in the past?
    This question I would like to put to Janet Finch Saunders as well. Have you any idea of how she stands on this?

  7. Anon 03:03

    I would make a decision at the right time, one thing I can assure you is that I would not draw an allowance from Conwy if I were an Assembly Member.


  8. Libya,

    This is a humanitarian issue. The brutal treatment and killing of protesters could not be allowed to continue. This is different from Iraq the no fly zone action had full United Nations approval. Only with such backing should UK take action.

    This conflict needs an early "exit" strategy not a lingering presence. I believe For military, political and economic reasons UK must not prolong actions.

    People of this country must on their own initiative establish a new government.

    Ideally there would be a permanent UN "police" force to carry out UN decisions until then the call is for UN member countries to respond according to their resources.

    Here is to hoping Gaddafi stands down soon and the senseless killings stop.