Monday, 21 March 2011

Welsh Assembly Campaign

Well today see's the start of delivery of my first leaflet constituency wide and my team and I have been busy working on three other leaflets with maybe two more to follow.

We have our office up and running in Llandudno Junction and plans are now in place to step up our Welsh Assembly election campaign.


  1. Will you let us know about any hustings you are involved in, and how we can get a chance to be part of them?

  2. Good luck Mike, will keep my fingers crossed for you, the votes in my family are yours.
    I hear on the grapevine that JFS thinks it in HER bag, but I don`t think she is a threat, and Plaid has had it`s day, they are already trying to gain more power and cut ties with the Welsh Office, is that what we want! an independat Wales, and Labour `GOT US INTO THIS FINE MESS` to start with.
    Hopefully a clear road ahead.

  3. Anon 14:18

    The next hustings I have are in Possibly Llanrwst on 8th April between 11am-3pm yet to be confirmed and are being arranged by Mencap.

  4. Mike,
    Thanks for the leaflet delivered here yesterday.
    If elected, do you intend to continue as a Conwy CBC councillor as well as a Welsh Assembly member?
    Good luck.
    Peter Mc.

  5. Hi Peter,

    I will make a decision at the time but can inform you that If elected I certainly will not draw any allowances from Conwy.


  6. What will you do in Llanrwst when you are asked a question in Welsh? How can you represent an area like that when you do not speak their first language?

  7. Anon 04:03

    I will ask for translation. When you refer to "their" do you mean Welsh??

    If so I am Welsh and not being fluent is a weakness of mine.

  8. Marl Ward Voter25 March, 2011

    I like the pictures.

    Peter asks a fair question about remaining a councillor and being an Assembly Member at the same time. Some people have tried that, but not with great success. I respect your promise not to take the council allowances should such circumstances arise, but I think you should firmly rule out weearing two hats at once.

  9. Interested floating voter25 March, 2011

    Mike, why do you claim to have led the campaign on cross border health services when it was actually David Jones MP? Since when has 'supported' become 'led'. When you're looking for votes do you always stretch the truth? Will you be operating this way if you get voted in?