Friday, 1 April 2011

Dog Fouling Fixed Penalty Notices March

I have had a meeting this week with Regulatory Services and discussed various ways of tackling this issue, from Education to fining. I will feedback on this later as it was a very comprehensive and productive meeting.

Fixed Penalty notices issued 1st March to 31st March (Fines)

Dog Fouling 22
Dropping Litter 2

I can also confirm that there will be more activities in relation to tackling this type of problem in the near future.

Interesting Estimates

It is estimated that one in three households include a dog, with around 100,000 households in Conwy and Denbighshire, it is estimated that we have around 33,000 dogs.

Each dog potentially produces, a conservatively estimated, 100 grammes of waste a day, collectively around 3.3 tonnes per day or just over 1200 tonnes per annum.

So just the mindless minority not picking up after their dog is quite a problem.

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  1. And when they do pick it up what do you do with it ?