Thursday, 21 April 2011

A Good Day Canvassing

A great day canvassing today, really positive comments and we ran out of window posters. We usually take the posters for residents to place in their windows to demonstrate support, running out this morning was a first for us.

One thing that is coming out strong on the doorstep is that people want to know where the candidates live, that was not such an issue in the parliamentary campaign. I find this fact very interesting because only 2 of the 4 candidates live in the constituency.


  1. Good luck Mike,
    You can do it!
    I've sent in my postal vote

  2. tell me Mike will you keep free prescriptions? bus passes? how are you answering people on the door step when they ask you about your party with the tories cutting the winter fuel allowance? please dont respond blaming Labour lets have a real answer to those thousands of pensioners in Wales? thanks

  3. Welsh Liberal Democrat Conference last year supported free prescriptions.

    I support free bus passes for a number of reasons, for example taking cars off the road and cutting pollution. Welsh Liberal Democrat AM's supported the introduction of bus passes. (To my knowledge they are not under threat, unless you know different) I will and am on record publicly supporting bus passes.

    Winter fuel payments will continue to be paid. However, the temporary increase will not be paid this winter.

    These winter payments remain a significant contribution to older people's winter fuel costs and we have permanently increased the cold weather payment from £8.50 a week to £25 a week.

    Hope that clarifys my and the Parties position.