Saturday, 16 April 2011

Waste Watchers

Last February, it was revealed by the Welsh Liberal Democrats that health bosses in North Wales had been taking advantage of a £1.1m subsidy for leased cars to run top of the range Jaguars, sporty Audis and BMWs. The Betsi Cadwaladr health board pays out £2m-a-year for a car leasing contract.

Some £940,000 of that is recouped from payments from staff who choose to top up the subsidy to run a higher specification vehicle than standard.

The list of leased vehicles, published under the Freedom of Information Act, contained a £24,000 Alfa Romeo costing £5,311-a-year; a £36,000 Audi costing £8,188-a-year; BMW 3-series Sport at £7,098-a-year; and four Jaguars, including an XF S-Luxury worth £39,000 and leased at £8,748-a-year.

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