Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Conwy Farmers Market

This morning my wife and I visited the farmers market at a new venue on Conwy Quay and although the weather was rather grim there were a few people about all buying produce. I felt the goods on sale were of a very high quality. The fish, fruit and veg were all very fresh and after talking to lots of local people, the feedback was very positive indeed. I believe later on and up to its close at 2pm, the market was very busy indeed and at last its great to see this space on the quay being used effectively. As far as I am concerned the produce was value for money and it was nice to browse and taste the goods before purchasing. It is my understanding that today's market is one of three in a trial to see if this event can be sustainable.


  1. Looks great, keep an eye the council don't try and screw them on costs Mike, this is the sort of thing we neen,

  2. Another nail in the coffin of local shopkeepers who pay high rents and hight rates. How much revenue do the Council get from these stalls?