Monday, 16 August 2010

River Festival

A great afternoon was had yesterday, but it was somewhat spoiled by constantly having to be aware of cars driving through the crowds, how long before a serious accident?
Do we really need to have cars on the Quay?
Similar events have road closures, why not this event?

I will take this issue to the relevant officers to be addressed.

The new river taxi service seemed to be doing well, which was good to see.


  1. Cars, motorbikes. It was a terrible nuisance with Mothers with pushchairs having to find a safe spot all the time. There were far too many people and the Quay should have been closed.You couldn`t turn down from Castle Street so why allow any cars that day at all.

  2. All I know is that the funfair sounded terrible from Castle Street with someone shouting down a microphone.Did the funfair pay any rent or did the local authority pick up a tag?