Sunday, 22 August 2010

St David's Hospice Dawn Walk

This morning 3.30am my wife was up and ready to take part in this very important fund raising event for St David's Hospice. After registration at 4.15am, about 3-4 hundred women set off from Ysgol Aberconwy to St David's in Llandudno and back, a total of just over 9 miles.

My wife told me that the event was very well organised and everyone who took part was very well looked after at the half way stage.

St David's Hospice hope to raise £50K from this one event.


  1. I'm wondering why this event was for women only? The hospice caters for both sexes so...? Imagine the fuss if a men only walk had been organised! Allegations of sexism would be rampant!

  2. Surely any money raised is a good thing, Why don't you organise a similar Male event, I promise to do my best to take part and let's see if we get criticised.

  3. Who came up with the idea of it being just for women?

  4. why is it for women only though? is there a reason?

  5. I will check out the history of this event, unless someone knows and can tell us via this blog?

    I think what is not in question here is the great sum this event will raise and obviously the cause.

  6. It baffles me as to why it is for women only - if it were a women only hospice it would make perfect sense but it isn't!

    You shouldn't be supporting this sort of sexism Mike, it has no place in modern society.