Tuesday, 12 October 2010


One of Conwy's corporate commitments is to provide more allotments for our residents. I am pleased that we will soon be offering up to 60 plots to people on our waiting list including up to 12 plots that are raised and can be accessed by residents with disabilities.

We currently have 355 people on our waiting list and will offer these allotments to people within a 3 mile radius, who have been waiting longest. This site will have its own water source powered by a solar pump and is situated off Tan Y Bryn Road Rhos-on-Sea. I am looking to open this site in December and will have an open day. Anyone wanting to enquire about allotments can do so by phoning 01492 575337.


  1. Could do with some of the councillors going off to an allotment come the next election, any chance you could offer them some encouragement Mike?
    Not you of course!
    They look very small Mike, hardly the allotments of years ago, like the ones that were on Mostyn Champneys before the stores pushed them and the fair off.

  2. Hi Oscar,

    The dimensions for the adapted plots
    Length 10m
    Width 1m
    Height 0.6m
    12 in total

    The other plots are approximately 32m2

    Hope this helps