Saturday, 30 October 2010

Marl Ward Focus

Thanks to the Team this morning. In not great weather we were able to deliver over 1000 leaflets. I enjoy delivering around the ward as it is a great chance to talk to residents and listen to their views and issues.

I have already had 2 telephone calls and a return slip pushed through the letterbox with a ward issue.


  1. In the Election just gone did you as a Lib Dem candidate support the abolition or freezing of student fees? Full detail please and what now as you are standing again. Straight answers would be best.

  2. This is an interesting question Mike.

  3. In the last General Election I supported "Four steps to a Fairer Britain"

    . Fairer Taxes that put money back in your pocket. you will pay no tax on the first £10,000 you earn - cutting most tax bills by £700.

    . A Fair chance for every child. Smaller class sizes, more money into schools and abolish university tuition fees.

    . A fair Future: create jobs by making Britain greener. Invest in public transport, renewable energy and energy efficient homes.

    . A fair deal for you from politicians. make politicians accountable and sack corrupt MPs.

    Progress has been made on 3 of these points and I am very disappointed with the stance on tuition fees, at Autumn Welsh conference this year, the increase in tuition fees was voted against. I understand that we can't have everything in life and that compromises have to be made. That said I am against the rise in tuition fees and will work with my party to address this issue.

    The bottom line is that The Liberal Democrat Party did not win the General Election but they are making a significant difference in the Coalition Government.

  4. You sold out the students?

    What you wrote are your own partys words they are sprouting, maybe people in Junction wanted more than that?

    Seems you may need to persuade yourself on your own party?

    Why not get a fair deal for students but instead you wanted AV, who are you trying to look after?

    As a student I feel let down by you, personally.

  5. I may be wrong but I feel there is a little MisChief making here. Why post as Anon, You can challenge me in your name, I don't bite!!!

  6. Mike - when you say

    "The bottom line is that The Liberal Democrat Party did not win the General Election but they are making a significant difference in the Coalition Government."

    that is indeed the nub of all the frustration on student fees, and so much more. Those of us who voted for you have to accept that what's happening is a consequence of our vote.

    That said, the spectre for the Lib-Dems (as measured by the slump in the opinion polls) is that potential Lib-Dem voters will now always be saying "what am I really voting for, here" and then backing off.

    I have found that for the first time in my life, I really don't know who I would vote for if there were a General Election now.

    The Lib-Dems will implode if they stay in the coalition; or the party itself will split in the way the Labour Party did all those years ago in 1931 over not really very different issues.