Friday, 25 September 2009

Alcohol and Substance Misuse

I am pleased that the local newspapers have given front pages to the problems we encountered last Sunday regarding alcohol and possible substance misuse. Today at 10am, I am meeting Council officials and Police at this site to discuss safety improvements for the area, this meeting has been booked for a couple of months. I will use this site meeting as an opportunity to discuss this recent problem. The district police inspector stated that solvent abuse is not something that has been flagged up in community action plans, so today I will flag it up.

I am also attending a police community meeting in the Memorial Hall in Llandudno Junction at 2pm, this will be another opportunity to discuss this and other issues.

To find out more on substance misuse go to


  1. What I would like to Know Cllr Priestly is, Why do people always phone you? Why dont they phone our other ward Cllr. I have heard that Cllr Hurt is a very nice lady who also cares about our ward.

  2. CLLR Priestly do you have a crystal ball? Me thinks you might need one to reply to that comment! Well done to you sir for taking on this extremely difficult problem. I hope that your success in reaching front page of the papers, will make everyone think and act on this growing problem. If I had young ones I would be questioning myself as to their whereabouts.

  3. Mike Priestley26 September, 2009

    Cllr Hurr is indeed a lovely person. There maybe more than a cigarette paper between our politics but we do work together for our ward on the bigger issues.

  4. Rejected one comment regarding the tunnel being a problem for years and me saving it up for an election. I would have published it but it had a nasty comment regarding one of the opposition.

    Saving it for an election, not true. These drinking problems migrate around the area and you have missed the point on Aerosol misuse.

  5. Mike, Underpasses, subways, and tunnels nationwide, have always attracted dodgy activities.
    On receiving the text; you acted in a rational and responsible manner by bringing this local problem to public and Police attention.
    What are CLLR’s supposed to do ignore the public in case your actions appear contrived?
    Don’t let snide comments get to you; the person that accused you of saving this for the election; is most obviously ignorant to the importance you pay to each individuals concerns; and the good heed to pay to your position.
    You must be rustling someone’s political feathers!
    You are getting bad press from some; but good press from more than you know.
    Keep up the good work.