Sunday, 20 September 2009


My wife is away visiting friends in Surrey this weekend. I decided to spend some time with my girls today, well that's what I thought. This morning after breakfast I received a text stating that I had to go and see the state of the underpass at the Flyover in Llandudno Junction. The place was in a terrible state with broken bottles and the stench of urine, my pictures are not great (they were taken from my mobile phone) and don't really show how bad it really was.

Amongst this mess was approximately 30-40 beer bottles, 3 Vodka bottles, 2 aerosol cans and some drug paraphernalia (what we have here is a serious alcohol and substance misues issue). A number of things have been on my mind all day after seeing this mess:
  • Were the Police involved? no they weren't, they did not receive one call
  • Should we increase the age limit to purchase alcohol to say 25 years old?
  • What damage are these people doing to themselves?

  • Should we increase the price of alcohol off sales?
  • We know we have a national problem with under age drinking, what on earth are the parents doing to address this problem?

Just a few things going through my mind, so much for my Sunday with the girls (sorry girls) and thanks to the Council for coming out and clearing up after these individuals, it's worth mentioning that there was a youth football match in this area today and at least they did not have to witness such a scene. Also, I know of a blind resident with a guide dog who uses this route most days. So the question is, if respect was taught to our youths (respect yourself, respect others, respect your environment and so on), would this have happened?


  1. Disgusting. Underage drinking and the issue with substance misuse tends to be growing.
    I dont think it will make such a difference to raise the age to 25 as when your young and you want a drink, you would make sure you get some. Either they get their parents to buy it for them (believe it or not some do!) their older friends to buy it or just some random person off the streets.
    With high unemployment figures and still rising , I dont think these young people or whatever age they appear to be have any responsibility and any structure in their lives. The little income or benefit they do receive they will use for alcohol as their enjoyment for the weekend.
    In my opinion if they enrolled on some college courses,stayed in education or take on a full time job I believe a majority of them may steer away from that life of drugs and alcohol. BUT I could be wrong

  2. You are doing a brilliant job whilst putting the wind up the Tories. Get around the Conwy valley and you might just do it.

    Conservative voter (usually, but who knows ?)

  3. Thanks for that comment, I hear what you say. I am now thinking that if the price was increased for off sales at super markets etc, maybe this would help solve this problem and you never know it may also help the Pub trade??? but then would that place off licences in trouble??

    I hope others join in with this debate because we need a solution.

  4. A subject that needs to be discussed Mike and there was me thinking Sundy was a day of rest.
    Keep up the good work Mike, it is appreciated.

  5. Sort this one and you will be up for an award.

  6. I feel that if supermarkets and off licences was to increase their prices on alcohol then this would make a big difference.
    However it could be argued that nightclubs would then reduce their prices of alcohol by promotions and advertising in order to encourage customers to their venue.
    Broadway Boulevard have reduced their prices on selected alcohol to 99p for every time you produce your empty bottle/pint to the bar. There was a lot of controversy in the Weekly News some time back over this very cheap Wednesday night out. Some youths had caused damage in the retail park after attending this nightclub and the cause to lead them to this antisocial behaviour was the night in Broadway (Wednesday Night).
    That is an example of cheap drinks offer and how it can and does affect the public.
    I do believe that there's big competitors out there that are continiousely reducing their prices of alcohol. Supermarkets included!!

  7. Good post, Mr Priestley. These are the sort of issues that people are really concerned about.

    Sadly, these are people with no respect for themselves or anyone else. I believe the main problem with alcohol sales is the supermarkets and off-licences - there should both be minimum pricing and tighter controls on its sale. We should be also be encouraging sensible drinking in a controlled environment like the traditional pubs.

    It's worth noting that the problems with alcohol consumption in public places only started with the rise of the off-licence chains and cheap supermarket booze. It is time they were controlled far more tightly.

  8. Parents are the key to a lot of these problems,but how do you get them to act on it? It seems to me also this throw away society that we live in contributes. Instead of BOGOF on say wine, we should pay full price and get a discount on returning the empty bottle. Insist companies re-use their bottles.
    Solvent abuse is a hard one. Perhaps hard hitting facts within schools,cinema's, press internet, side of school busses? I dont know what would work. You seem to be quite clued up and caring for a cllr, I'm quite impressed with your stand Cllr Priestly.

  9. Chameleon/Simply Red

    Valid points. I am thinking of carrying out a survey/Questionnaire in order to gather public opinion for evidence to take this issue forward. I am prepared to make a stand and place this at the top of the agenda.

  10. Wow, I did'nt expect you to do that. Fantastic. You will be at the top of my hit parade if you get this up and running.