Thursday, 10 September 2009

What a load of Rubbish

So far we have held seven Environmental Days. These are days where the Council provide skips for residents to dispose of any unwanted household items, generally clean-up areas of graffiti etc and where advice is also given on waste management. On these seven days we have taken away 98.5 Tonnes of unwanted household items of which approximately 60% has been recycled.

It is encouraging to see that after these days, recycling participation rates improve and feedback from the public is very positive indeed.

The areas covered so far are:

Pensarn (Abergele)





Kinmel Bay


Residents are informed by letter that these events are taking place.


  1. Any areas where there are only privately owned houses been given the chance for all their rubbish to be taken away free of charge?

    Or is is predominately houses and flats that are being rented?
    If so, why?


    fair point Michael!

  3. Oscar, these areas are chosen after consultation with Ward members, I do get your point and that is exactly why I chose Nant Y Glyn, The Meadows, Dol Goed, Cae Coed and Glas Coed in the Junction. I will remind members of your point at the next opportunity as I believe this new initiative should be accessed by all in our communities.

  4. Many thanks Cllr Mike for the answer,I for some reason had not thought it was to do with ward members, should have known better really, what with Cllr Lyon arranging to have her cardboard collected for free, sorry trial I should have said!