Friday, 11 September 2009

My Allowances 2008/2009

My Allowances for 08/09 are as follows:
Basic Allowance: £12,977.96
SRA: £14,934.07
Travel Expenses: £641.34
Basic Allowance is received by every County Councillor.
SRA, Special Responsibility Allowance is for my Cabinet position, Environment Portfolio.
Travel Expenses, Excess travel, over and above my ward duties.
I have given my position on the Council my full time commitment during this time, as I believe, having Cabinet responsibility deserves full attention, for further details see link below:
Full details of all Councillors allowances should be with each household in Conwy shortly via Conwy County Councils Magazine "The Bulletin", delivered via Royal Mail.


  1. you are quite a way down the list, Honest not greedy me thinks

  2. I am glad you have claimed some of your expenses. I wouldnt be able to do my job without my expense claim. Well done Mike you do a good honest job.