Saturday, 3 October 2009

Canvassing Deganwy

I was out in Deganwy again in the week and very worthwhile it was, again some interesting comments regarding local and national issues. What is very clear to me at this very early stage is that Labour are going to suffer a major defeat in Aberconwy. Plaid Cymru again being criticised for jumping into bed with Labour in the Assembly and their inability to influence in Westminster.
I was also interested in the views of Adam Price, Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthon East and Dinefwr regarding Westminster. He is standing down at the next election and is quoted in the South Wales Guardian " If I had my way I'd shut it down tomorrow and turn it into a museum of British democracy because that's what it is". I listen to all these MP's that are standing down and can't help thinking obviously your heart is not in the job so why on earth do you not go now, Betty Williams included.
Sorry, back to Deganwy, we identified a few Tories which we expected but what was encouraging was the support that we received. The information we are gathering is that Labour are finished, Plaid should try to stick to the Assembly, so it's a choice between Guto Bebb or Myself.
My team is building up and I would like to thank all those offering help and support. We have deliverers in most parts of Aberconwy now and a team of about 20 to support them as and when. What is more important is that I am enjoying meeting so many people across the constituency and listening to their views, after all if you don't do this how on earth can you say you know your "Patch".


  1. Very Interesting.

  2. You have to make the most of the fact that you live and have worked in the the constituency. Add to that your experience of being a current Councillor and Cabinet Member this has to work to your advantage.
    You will always struggle with the those voters who will look at the National picture, but looked what happened with BW. We need someone who will remember who they represent and will fight for Local issues.
    Keep it up

  3. Nice to meet you Mike. Deganwy looks a peaceful place. How refreshing to see someone doing the job they were elected for. Best of luck to you.