Saturday, 10 October 2009

Libdem Meeting

Held a meeting last night, excellent venue, in a meeting room in Llandudno swimming pool.

After all the official business I announced my team for the forthcoming general election. I was particularly pleased to announce my Agent, Christine Humphreys, who is currently president of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and is vastly experienced politically and more importantly knows the role of agent. I announced a further ten posts all of which tie in to and will play a major role in the campaign which has started in Aberconwy. I am humbled by local people stopping me in the street and when I am out shopping offering help. My wife Lorraine has now added an extra half hour to our shopping trips!!

I am now very confident that we can campaign across the constituency. We now have up to forty friends and volunteers that can assist, deliver and canvass. A very positive meeting with some good feedback from visitors from Bangor and a good venue to hold a meeting, you could say I made quite a splash!!

When I left the meeting at around 8:15pm I witnessed Conwy's Parking attendants at work, I will blog this later.

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  1. I know Christine, a good choice and a lovely lady.