Thursday, 1 October 2009

Solvent Abuse

I've had a number of comments made to me regarding the article in last weeks press and generally positive feedback regarding concerns over solvent and alcohol abuse. Clive Wolfendale, Chief Exec of CAIS drug and alcohol agency has also commented on the problem in this weeks North Wales Weekly News, regarding the effects of solvent abuse and said that he had encountered "kids" who were " Completely out of it", Vomiting heavily, disorientated, doubled up in pain with headaches and stomach cramps. He also states the effects are akin to extreme drunkenness, but can be far more serious. I believe that this issue had to be raised and now being discussed locally, can only be a positive way forward in dealing with this issue.

I am also hoping to meet up with the Charity Re-Solv, who are visiting north Wales soon to discuss the problem further with the Police and hopefully our Education dept here in Conwy, I have promised this charity to assist them anyway I can.

I will keep you updated.


  1. well done cllr Priestly, you dont let the grass grow.Look forward to info on this matter.

  2. Latchkey kids with nowhere to go and nothing to do. When we were young, playing in the park, sports , riding our bikes. We always found something to occupy ourselves. What has happened to our children.? I have to say I place a lot of blame on the parents . Marriage and divorce comes too easy, too many step brothers and sisters that do not get on or do not feel loved. I wish you well Mike it is a big problem.